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Can I link my club site to Facebook?

Yes. You can easily connect with Facebook sharing your club events, positing status, photos, videos, workouts and more.

How does the shoe log work?

You create a new shoe by entering it's brand, shoe model, type, pronation, date purchased and current milage on that shoe. When you enter a workout, you then select which shoe you wore during that workout. This allows you to keep track of how many miles you put on each shoe and helpful when needing to know if a new pair are needed.

Can anyone post an event and invite group members?

Yes, any club member can create an event and invite specific members, groups or the entire club members to their event. After invited members respond to their RSVP, their name is added to the event listing as someone who is attending, maybe attending or not attending for all to view and share.

What is the difference between "Club Groups" and "Member Groups"?

A Club Group is created by the club's site administrator(s) while Member Groups are created by club members if they wish to create separate groups within their club. Site administration does have the ability to remove these member added groups if they choose.